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We will transport your horses throughout the Czech Republic and Europe in a modern Renault Master Theault set for 2 horses and a Humbaur Equitos trailer.

Our Renault car transporter is in the PROTEO 5 HARAS version, which enables very safe and comfortable transport not only for sport horses, but also stallions or mares with foals.

The body of the vehicle is made of first-class materials and guarantees a good climate even on long distances.

The horses have enough space inside thanks to the so-called box stand and are separated from each other by a high partition which prevents any contact.

The car transporter and trailer are equipped with spacious saddles and feeding troughs.

Throughout the transport, the horses are under the constant supervision of our qualified and experienced staff, who guarantees quality service, including watering, feeding, blankets, leggings, etc.

Of course, we pay attention to strict hygiene measures and after each transport, our transporters are properly cleaned and disinfected.

Price list:  

Renault car transporter for 2 horses - 16 CZK per 1 km + VAT

Humbaur Equitos 2-horse trailer - 12 CZK per 1 km + VAT

The number of kilometers is calculated:  Rudná u Prahy - place of loading - place of unloading - Rudná u Prahy

Waiting time: 150 CZK / hour.

The price of motorways, stamps, tolls, etc. is added to the price of transport outside the Czech Republic.

For multi-day trips, the customer is obliged to pay fees for horse stables and accommodation



For regular clients, including clients housed in our stable, we offer a 10% discount on transportation.

For long routes (from 200 km) or multi-day stays with horses in one place (races, ...) it is possible to compile an advantageous package.

Contact and transport order:


Daniel Fujera

phone +420 735 528 525

Staj Arcos sro

At stop 499

Nučice 25216

Company ID: 07855753

VAT No .: CZ 07855753


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